My name is Josh. Probably the most pertinent thing to know about me is that I love learning. It's my hobby. It's (thankfully) a large part of my job. It's a lot of what goes on around here.

By day I am a data journalist at The Guardian. Before that I was an economics editor, technology journalist and executive producer of a national current affairs radio show.

This site is about a decade old now. It began as a book blog but morphed into a kind of scrapbook. More recently I have been concentrating on becoming a better photographer and scribbler.

Over the years this site has gone through many stylistic iterations and been ported to several different platforms and blogging tools. Some links, line breaks, quotes etc. may be broken. The current version was created using Eleventy and is hosted on GitHub pages.

You can also find a bunch of data I've liberated on my Github. This includes news headlines, social and traditional media trends, Colombo Stock Exchange closing prices and the Australian government's Covid stats.

If you'd like to get in touch I'd recommend Twitter.