Ello. My name is Josh and I’m a journalist from Australia. I used to be an economics editor at The Conversation and made a couple of award winning radio shows about technology and economics. Right now I’m freelancing, playing with programming, and researching a book about colonialism.

This blog is almost a decade old now. It started off as a place to post book reviews but has slowly morphed into a kind of scrapbook. I post quotes, thoughts and anecdotes from interesting books and articles. A couple of years ago I added a section for photos and, more recently, scribbles and charts. I sketched recent trips to Europe and Cambodia, and try scribble something new every day.

I’m slowly experimenting with new forms of journalism. There’s a lot of untapped potential in ubiquitous computing and sensors, programming and automation. Not only to gather data and create self-fulfilling news hooks, but deliver information in novel ways. There is an opportunity in different dimensions of truth and realisation. Beyond presenting factual information, to influencing salience.

I started creating algorithmic newsletters that synthesise the news. I’ve moved on to scraping web data and building sensors to track pollution and climate change. I’ve created twitter bots to hammer salience and interactive charts to visualise trends. Right now I’m stuck into natural language processing and machine learning.

I’ve disabled comments as I am not interested in tending a dumpster fire. If you’d like to get in touch I’d recommend Twitter. Other contact details are at the bottom of the page.


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