The One World Schoolhouse

Over the past year I have heard quite a lot about Khan Academy from friends, family, classmates, and even Youtube. So a few months ago I finally decided to give Khan Academy a go. I thought maybe it would be a good tool for revising some of the Economics that I have forgotten, and some of the Science I never knew. Well, I have been downloading and watching the videos ever since. I have learned and relearned everything from Macroeconomics and how to calculate probability, to why it feels hotter when it is humid. I have found it so useful and unique, that I decided to give Khan’s book a go as well. I was not really expecting much more than your average book written by a do-gooder hoping to make some money to live, but this book contains a startling amount of information and insight on the history and deficiencies of the modern system of education. A very good and important read.

So the actual content of the book is quite interesting. It is partly a history of Khan Academy itself, but most of the book is devoted to explaining the origins of the education system, pointing out it’s flaws, and, most importantly, posing solutions. Khan takes us through the first stages of the Khan Academy when he was just tutoring his cousin over the internet. He then introduces us to the idea that the modern educational system (in the United States and many other “advanced” countries) is a descendant of the Prussian educational model, which was based on an assembly line, with children moving through the stages of education in age groups. He shows that this type of learning has led to what he calls “Swiss Cheese Learning”; where many students have gaps in their educational foundations due to one size fits all policies, and policies that perpetuate poor learning techniques in the face of new evidence. He shows that systems like this penalize those that are different, do not adequately equip many with the knowledge and love of learning they will need in later life, and does little to recognize potential. Finally he shows us how using software and technology like Khan Academy, and techniques like “flipping the classroom,” could lead to much better education in places like America, and a very good education in places where it does not currently exist.

So, as you might expect from what I have said so far, I found this to be a magnificent book, full of brilliant ideas. I love innovation, especially when in pivotal aspects of life like education. Furthermore, despite being someone who loves to learn I struggled in School, and I think many of Khan’s suggestions would have helped me and I think it could help many others all over the world. This new world of ours needs a new type of educational system, and some of Khan’s ideas could be the basis for that. I suggest this book if you are interested in education and innovation. I suggest this book if you are just a fan of Khan Academy and want to know a little bit more about it and the ideas behind it.

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