How do you draw desert?

The latest window swap sketch. I never even realised that people lived so close to the pyramids in Egypt. One reason I really miss about traveling, and I’m loving on this site, is the contrast between the wondrous and banal.

Still not very successful with the darks 🤔. But I think the contrasts are working with the buildings.


Can't remember whose window

The latest window swap sketch. I've lost track of the source image but head over to window swap, click enough and you should find it.

Anyway, I'd recently been trying to go very dark but this reminds me of how peaceful it can be when I let the page shine through.


Anna's window

The latest window swap sketch. This one of a window in Brooklyn, New York. I've been focusing on improving value ranges recently. So, a lot of window sketches in greyscale using water soluble graphite.



Another window swap sketch. This one is of Phnom Penh, where I was earlier this year as the pandemic really took off.

Hope I can go back some day and finish the trip. Will take my new watercolours.