Tab dump

Research, articles, podcasts and videos in no particular order. The history/economics of the QWERTY keyboard layout The golden age of YouTube is over Why proselytisers are good for civilisation Why the worlds best mathematicians are hoarding chalk How password managers work Workers love AirPods because employers stole their walls Would you let the police search […]

How to earn trust

One of my favourite YouTube channels is called Kurzgesagt. They recently released a video explaining why you should trust their short, animated videos on topics as diverse as string theory, ageing and homeopathy. The interesting part is not the deep dive into their research, writing and fact checking process; but that they spend almost half […]

Tab dump

A bunch of interesting research, articles, podcasts and videos in no particular order. How generations of Muslims helped take care of a Jewish synagogue in India Advancing AI by exploring the minds of children A timeline of Quadriga events Predictive inequity in object detection Behavioural differences between CEOs and others The first dog ascent of […]


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