Tab dump

A bunch of interesting research, articles, podcasts and videos in no particular order. How generations of Muslims helped take care of a Jewish synagogue in India Advancing AI by exploring the minds of children A timeline of Quadriga events Predictive inequity in object detection Behavioural differences between CEOs and others The first dog ascent of […]

Tab dump

Ethiopia already exports coffee beans—exporting its culture will be the next big step Ink made out of air pollution The hidden history of the nutmeg island that was traded for Manhattan How Hawaii’s master stone carver is preserving history The new normal Tyler Cowen Interviews Sam Altman How Singapore’s growth is taking the land out […]

Banning German doesn’t help either

As a coda to the last post about banning headscarves, Vasiliki Fouka has another working paper looking at the impact of US schools banning German as a language of instruction after World War One: Affected individuals were less likely to volunteer in WWII and more likely to marry within their ethnic group and to choose […]

What happens when you ban headscarves?

We find that the law reduces the secondary educational attainment of Muslim girls, and impacts their trajectory in the labor market and family composition in the long run. We provide evidence that the ban operates through increased perceptions of discrimination and that it reduces assimilation by casting religion and national identities as incompatible. This is […]


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