How little is too little overhead?

A lot of my recent life decisions have been influenced by an incredible observation by Austin Kleon: Low overhead + “do what you love” = a good life. “I deserve nice things” + “do what you love” = a time bomb. This isn’t about [shudder] minimalism. But recognising that unless you’re Beyoncé you can’t do […]

Why the west?

Why the ‘West’ has dominated the last couple of centuries is an interesting question with many aspects. It is especially so considering how many important technologies and ideas were either first or concurrently invented elsewhere. Take zero: The Western civilizations, for example, failed to come up with it even after thousands of years of mathematical […]

Finding joy in mathematics

I have always regretted losing touch with maths during high school. Part of this is undoubtedly my fault. I wasn’t a great, or really even that interested in being, a student until midway through university. But there’s also something a bit broken in how we approach maths. Both in school and life generally. I’m talking […]


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