Climate change is already here, it’s just unevenly distributed

The title is from a tweet by Kate Mackenzie, although I’m unsure if she was referencing someone else. It highlights a central problem in tackling climate change. By now most educated people around the world are at least aware of anthropogenic climate change. Even if they refuse to accept it. So the problem is not […]

Apple news and the curation problem

What is your platonic ideal of the news? For me a perfect outfit, on a perfect day, would post one sentence: “nothing happened today.” Go read a book. Grab a beer with friends. Unfortunately, modern media is not predicated on informing us only about what is important. Or respecting our time. Rather, they seek to […]

We need more technological ’bilingualism’

Something that bugs me is the widespread, continued segregation of technology. Technology might be something you use, but rarely is it something you make or even understand. I’m currently thinking of all the people who I WhatsApp whose eyes gloss over at the mention of encryption. This is often reflected in organisations, with technology teams […]


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