An updating map of Queensland air quality

Australians experienced pretty heinous air quality last summer. I was still being asked about it months later while backpacking through South East Asia. So, I've been wanting to build some maps, and start stockpiling data, ahead of the next fire season.

Luckily, the Queensland government has a lovely air quality feed. I threw together a quick map which should pull the latest data whenever it's updated. The red dots represent monitoring stations and the colour will get more intense the higher the readings of PM10 (a measure of particule pollution, notably emitted by car exhausts and fires). You can also hover over the stations for the exact numbers.

This project is also an excuse for something I've been wanting to try for a while - webscraping using Github workflows. I can't remember where exactly I came across the idea. But its pretty intuitive to scrape data straight into a csv in a Github repo. Even better: revision control.

I wrote a a Python script. A YML file instructs Github to run the script every hour. So far its working brilliantly and I can see a lot of potential in Github scraping.