Explain it to me quickly Dall-E 2 mini - what exactly is ‘AI-generated art’? How does it work? Will it replace human visual artists?

by Josh Nicholas and Patrick Lum

09 June 2022

Neural networks? Generating images from text? So, like, you plug ‘Kermit the Frog in Blade Runner’ into a computer and it spits out pictures of … that?

You aren’t thinking outside the box enough! Sure, you can create all the Kermit images you want. But the reason you’re hearing about AI art is because of the ability to create images from ideas no one has ever expressed before. If you do a Google search for “a kangaroo made of cheese” you won’t really find anything. But here’s nine of them generated by a model.

You mentioned that it’s all a load of maths before, but – putting it as simply as you can – how does it actually work?

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