What are my options if Google shuts down search in Australia?

by Josh Nicholas

23 January 2021

But while Google can claim upwards of 90% of the search market in Australia, there are many other search options available, such as DuckDuckGo, Microsoft Bing, or Ecosia.

“Unfortunately, preparing for that worst-case scenario would result in users landing on a Google search page when they put that URL in but then being presented with a screen that tells them we’re unable to offer the service in Australia,” Silva said when asked what it meant to “stop making Google search available in Australia”.

Google has shut down services like this before. And for similar reasons. In 2014 Google shut down its News service in Spain after the government passed a law requiring Google to pay a fee for links and excerpts of news articles. Users were met with a simple message saying the service had been closed. In a similar fashion, Australians may have to change the default search engines on their phones and computers.

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