Australian datablog Tracking Australia’s booster rollout - data shows millions of eligible Australians yet to get third Covid vaccine dose

by Josh Nicholas

16 March 2022

Australia is ranked seventh in the OECD for second doses administered, but just 22nd when it comes to boosters. Many countries have been plagued with slow and slowing booster rollouts, but Australia’s booster program began later than most OECD countries. Compounded by restricted eligibility, the booster rate in Australia is slower than many countries that have higher vaccination rates.

Experts say that declining Covid case numbers and perceptions that Omicron is not as severe may be contributing to the low takeup. Recent high case numbers may also be contributing to the sluggish rate, as some delay their next shot until after they have fully recovered from infections.

Dr Jane Frawley from the University of Technology Sydney suggests targeted messaging campaigns may be needed to encourage more Australians to get a booster. Frawley and her colleagues recently launched decision aids to help adults and parents work through their choices about getting vaccinated.

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