Some NSW communities to fall far short of 70% vaccination rate when Sydney reopens, analysis shows

by Josh Nicholas and Luke Henriques-Gomes

24 September 2021

Vaccination levels among Indigenous communities as well as younger people, who joined the rollout much later, are also significantly below the rate for the entire state, the analysis indicates. Separate data shows vaccination rates among national disability insurance scheme (NDIS) participants are lagging.

A lower vaccination rate will not only mean these communities are potentially at greater risk of outbreaks, they would get fewer freedoms to socialise, work and enter venues that only fully vaccinated people will be able to access.

Guardian Australia has tracked current trends to forecast future vaccination rates in each local government area, as well as among Indigenous people, different age groups and in aged care, when NSW hits the 70% double dose target. The analysis uses 14 October as the likely date.

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