‘Simply not seeing that yet’ - it’s still too early to say vaccines are having an impact in Australia

by Josh Nicholas

25 August 2021

But experience from around the world and our own outbreaks last year shows that hospitalisations tend to lag case numbers by about 10-14 days. Deaths can lag cases by as much as 30 days. And while hospitalisations are lower than they were last year, they’re still trending in the wrong direction.

So far there have been far fewer cases among older Australians since the current outbreak began than preceding it. Older Australians were prioritised in the vaccine rollout, and this may show some success in shifting the risk away from the most vulnerable.

“Our numbers are just too small currently to see the impact of our (low-ish) vaccination rates,” Prof Paul Glasziou, the director of the Institute for Evidence-Based Healthcare at Bond University, said.

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