What caused the ‘rain bomb’? How the unprecedented Queensland and NSW 2022 floods unfolded

by Graham Readfearn and Nick Evershed and Josh Nicholas

01 March 2022

The Bureau of Meteorology warns that an area of low pressure over the south coast of Queensland is dragging in moisture from the Coral Sea to the north and then lifting it over the coastline. There has been torrential rain for two days and there is much more to come.

At Gympie, 200km north of Brisbane, a flood warning is issued for the Mary River. Some areas that flow into the river have had 300mm of rain in just six hours.

Ben Domensino, a meteorologist at Weatherzone, says the low pressure trough is delivering the rainfall but an area of colder air higher in the atmosphere is drifting in, making the atmosphere unstable and allowing moisture to be lifted up and dropped as rain.

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