How long before Australia is fully vaccinated against Covid?

by Josh Nicholas

08 April 2021

Professor Mary-Louise McLaws, an epidemiologist at the University of New South Wales, said the vaccination rate needs to increase quickly due to the narrow window before a second dose is required.

“The next three months is really the test for the rollout because if they can’t reach [80,000 per day] for the next three months for most of us getting our first dose, they aren’t going to cope with the second cohort needing dose number two in three months’ time,” McLaws said.

Australia may not need to administer all 45m doses to stop the virus circulating – a point called herd immunity, which is reached when there is sufficient immunity in the population such that Covid-19 cannot spread. Given Australia’s low number of cases, reaching this point would need to be done almost entirely through vaccines.

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