Election 2022 seat explorer - how Australian electorates diverge on religion, country of birth and language

by Katharine Murphy and Josh Nicholas

12 May 2022

This is a central campaign conundrum – how do political parties speak successfully to all relevant audiences? In Australia, major-party campaigns are drawing more extensively on data to help with election narrowcasting and micro-targeting, especially in targeted seats. One of the fundamentals in successful political engagement and communication is knowing who you are speaking to, what has shaped them and what matters to them.

Guardian Australia’s election Seat Explorer allows us to explore the incredible diversity of languages, religions and countries of birth across the 151 House of Representatives electorates.

Unfortunately, the data from the 2021 census has not yet been released, so Guardian Australia partnered with academics from Griffith University to adjust the 2016 census data for the latest electoral boundaries.

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