Carbs are king - cereals sales surged in Australia amid pandemic panic buying, new data shows

by Josh Nicholas

19 June 2021

The total amount of food scanned at supermarket checkouts rose by 4.5% that month compared with the year before. The year-on-year spike was even higher in Victoria at 8.4% in March 2020 and it jumped to more than 14% in September as the lockdowns dragged on.

The new research from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that cereals, as well as other long-life categories of foods, were especially popular at the start of the pandemic. The purchase of condiments, spreads and pantry staples like oils, coffee and tea also surged.

By June 2020, as panic buying started to ease around much of the country, many foods with shorter shelf lives rebounded, such as cheeses, vegetables, fruits, some meats and other dairy products.

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