Anti-vax mandate policies prove to be no vote winner with Australians – this time

by Josh Nicholas

11 June 2022

One Nation had the strongest swing of any party with a policy against vaccine mandates, boosting their first preferences by 1.8% – in part due to running more candidates this time. Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party had a 0.7% towards them. That compares to the Greens which gained 1.5% more first preferences, while the major parties suffered a combined swing against them of just over 6%. Independents upped their share of first preferences by 2%.

Looking only at the seats One Nation contested in 2019, the party lost vote share in two-thirds of those electorates. The United Australia Party improved its position in two-thirds of the seats it ran in.

Dr Josh Roose, senior research fellow at Deakin University, told Guardian Australia that the anti-vaccination population was quite small, but when viewed as part of a broader sense of disaffection with politics and the main parties, there was a worrying trend.

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