Climate Briefly for 28/09/19

The latest atmospheric Co2 concentration at the Mauna Loa Observatory is 408.05 ppm

  • Muddled mollusc mating could save Sydney’s rock oysters (ABC News)
  • Ariel Elhers protesting for climate action in Chinchilla, September 2019 (ABC News)
  • What Earth’s changing climate can teach us about altering the surface of Mars (The Conversation)
  • Young activists are boosting the climate movement, so why all the flak? (The Conversation)
  • For this ocean dweller, ability to respond to warming waters is about location (Science Daily)
  • How climate change is melting, drying and flooding Earth — in pictures (Nature)
  • Why China’s Renewable Energy Transition Is Losing Momentum (e360)
  • Kicking Climate Change: Wins for Health, the Economy and Security (Scientific American)
  • As soils warm, microbes pump more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere (Yale)
  • Photo Friday: A Funeral Procession for Switzerland’s Pizol Glacier (Glacier Hub)