Hide and seek during a lockdown

Foot traffic has fallen dramatically because of the coronavirus. Obvious things have stopped, like air travel and professional sports. But what about less high profile activities? One’s that aren’t explicitly banned and could even count as exercise. Geocaching is kind of like a global game of

Does it pay to win the toss?

Something that has always bugged me about cricket is that the coin toss seems to have a huge impact. That’s the framing, anyway. The entire first morning of a test match is usually taken with what the winner should do – bat or bowl first. Innumerable factors play into this

The most boring heatmap

With the NBA season about to resume there has been a lot of talk of "rust". That with the long break and short lead-up teams will be sloppier than normal. They'll turn the ball over more. Not pass as much. Take easier shots (more 3 pointers rather than

Why I'm not a professional sportsperson, maybe?

Following up on yesterday’s deep dive into NBA birthdays I’ve been reading more about the relative age effect. This is the apparent phenomena whereby “older” players are over represented in professional sports. By older I mean that professional athletes are more likely to be born at the beginning