Didn't realise the Celtics needed so much

Been playing with heatmaps today. Got a inspired by the NBA draft and decided to scrape basic team stats from last season. Didn't realise the Celtics weren't up there on really any of the basic metrics last year. The Celtics drafted shooting but seems like they could use a little

An updating map of Queensland air quality

Australians experienced pretty heinous air quality last summer. I was still being asked about it months later while backpacking through South East Asia. So, I've been wanting to build some maps, and start stockpiling data, ahead of the next fire season. Luckily, the Queensland government has a lovely air quality

Diving into the van Gogh letters

Vincent van Gogh's letters have been playing on my mind since I finished his biography a few days ago. Steven Naifeh used a close reading to paint a rich portrait, the ups and many downs. But what else can we see? It's staggering how many have survived. Almost 1000 van

NBA All Stars are retiring older

With Vince Carter’s NBA career seemingly now over at 42 years young, I started to wonder whether NBA players are playing longer. There’ve been a fair few long-toothed retirees recently – Kobe Bryant was 37 and Dirk Nowitzki was 40 in their final seasons, for instance.