‘Winners’ [re]write history

Growing up in Australia I barely remember learning about Indigenous history. Certainly not the very recent history of settlement and colonialism. It was probably in there somewhere. But my teachers obviously had a greater affection for World War 2 and Ancient Egypt than the very present and living history of a displaced people. Apparently I’m […]

Inconsistent scapegoating

The people who have always been able to do something about this — the ones building the software — have always known when their software was doing something wrong. It’s their job to find bugs, and if they’re worth their salt, they’re always looking for flaws in the overall design, as well as the functional […]

Our climate future lies in the past

The shambolic state of climate change discourse in Australia (and elsewhere) has left us largely focusing on electricity suppliers and technological solutionism. But as American economist John Cochrane points out, the answer probably lies less in contraptions and arbitrary interventions than old ways of living: …a carbon tax is the only way to change behavior. […]

Let’s stop poisoning ourselves

A horrifying working paper looks at the impact of traffic pollution on students in schools downwind of a major US highway: We find that attending school where prevailing winds place it downwind of a nearby highway more than 60% of the time is associated with 0.040 of a standard deviation lower test scores, a 4.1 […]


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