The perils of being a non-coder

Coding is the literacy of our age. Soon, knowing how to code is not going to be an option. I’ve been thinking about this for a couple of weeks now, as I’ve gone about making my podcast. For instance, talking to primary school children who can already do more with their phones than I can. […]

A self-interested case for lots of immigration

Watching the rise of Donald Trump, the success of anti-immigrant Brexiters, the callous demonisation of refugees in Australia and elsewhere, it’s understandable to be outraged. These are human beings, deserving of at least that level of respect. But this isn’t an argument that can be fought on moral grounds. It never has been. The rise […]

Cheers, Mr Feynman.

I’ve recently entered the mind of a genius. It’s a book called Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman, a weird amalgam of biography and autobiography of Richard Feynman. Feynman, Nobel prize winner and popular science communicator, was an insatiably curious character – my train trip home was spent in wonderment at a series of experiments he […]


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