The Accidental Billionares

Facebook has become all-pervasive. It screams at me from the laptops of my fellow classmates, tracks me as I traverse the interwebs, draws visitors to my blog and radio show, and invades the real world through my vibrating phone. The draw of its network and the push of it’s firehose has become inexorably linked with […]

Isaac Newton

Like a lot of people, I was absolutely entranced by this year’s remake of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos. It wasn’t just the stunning visuals and mind-blowing science, it was the stories of the people who have carried us this far. The giants upon whose shoulders we now stand. Michael Faraday, William Herschel, Joseph von Fraunhofer, Cecilia […]

Adam Smith

Adam Smith is one of those figures that flits in the background of modern life. His work impacts us all, but how many know his name? His profile adorns the textbooks of eager university students, but ask them what he contributed. Even amongst those who know of Smith and his work, who can tell us […]

Why Nations Fail

As we delve further into the twenty-first century, the BRIC and MINT countries are converging with those that have sat atop the heap for so long. They are leaving many nations and billions of people behind. But why is this so? Why did the industrial revolution kick off in England and take only select countries […]


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