We need more technological ’bilingualism’

Something that bugs me is the widespread, continued segregation of technology. Technology might be something you use, but rarely is it something you make or even understand. I’m currently thinking of all the people who I WhatsApp whose eyes gloss over at the mention of encryption. This is often reflected in organisations, with technology teams […]

‘Winners’ [re]write history

Growing up in Australia I barely remember learning about Indigenous history. Certainly not the very recent history of settlement and colonialism. It was probably in there somewhere. But my teachers obviously had a greater affection for World War 2 and Ancient Egypt than the very present and living history of a displaced people. Apparently I’m […]

Tab dump

Ethiopia already exports coffee beans—exporting its culture will be the next big step Ink made out of air pollution The hidden history of the nutmeg island that was traded for Manhattan How Hawaii’s master stone carver is preserving history The new normal Tyler Cowen Interviews Sam Altman How Singapore’s growth is taking the land out […]


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