Tab dump

Research, articles, podcasts and videos in no particular order. Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy: The opium trader who became baronet of Bombay Halle Berry is one of cinema’s great black action heroines and it’s time to catch up They were promised coding jobs in Appalachia. now they say it was a fraud My rapist apologized What changed my […]

The spectacular bias

We must remind ourselves again that history as usually written (peccavimus) is quite different from history as usually lived: the historian records the exceptional because it is interesting-because it is exceptional. If all those individuals who had no Boswell had found their numerically proportionate place in the pages of historians we should have a duller […]

Technology’s language bias

One of the many underlying tensions in Sri Lanka is that between people fluent in English and those who aren’t. After independence and Sinhala made the country’s official language, education was converted to “Swabasha”. But the elite kept English. It is the medium in most private and international schools. University courses are mostly in English, […]


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