Climate change is already here, it’s just unevenly distributed

The title is from a tweet by Kate Mackenzie, although I’m unsure if she was referencing someone else. It highlights a central problem in tackling climate change. By now most educated people around the world are at least aware of anthropogenic climate change. Even if they refuse to accept it. So the problem is not […]

Tab dump

Research, articles, podcasts and videos in no particular order. The story behind the birth of the information age The body pullers of Syria Grandma’s dementia made her forget her homophobia The streets were never free. Congestion pricing finally makes that plain A profile from when AlphaGo first beat a human at go Why shooting 95% […]

Singles not home runs

Watching professional sports, you often see a team that is behind suddenly go into desperation mode. The clock is ticking, so a flailing three pointer is launched from ten feet behind the line. Or the batter suddenly tries to hit the skin off of every pitch. In reality it’s often not so dire. And trying […]


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