What causes crime?

There is something we find uncomfortable about a world without obvious answers, which is one reason, of course, why we cling stubbornly to our dominant views of crime. Our thirst for certainty may also explain why a number of theories about crime have, when stated boldly, gained alarming and unjustified popularity. This quote from Criminal […]

There probably isn’t one reason

I finally finished The Hidden Half. It’s one of the best books I’ve read in a while, and ties together much of my reading and thinking over the past year or so. As a recovering determinist, I relish the celebration of uncertainty and the unknown. I’ve written quite a bit as I’ve read along. But […]

Tab dump

Research, articles, podcasts and videos in no particular order. Why facts don’t change our minds How this guy became a world yo-yo champion How Fox News and President Trump lost control to their base The crepe that’s not a crepe Why the Guardian is putting global CO2 levels in the weather forecast Profile of Academia, […]

Why information hygiene matters

I’ve been struggling with the notion of beliefs as the output of a transitory and “swirling mass” of complexity inside each of us. Myriad tiny influences we can neither observe nor prise apart. But, assuming this theory is valid, the logical conclusion is that the quality of the information you allow in is incredibly important. […]


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