The flipside of palm oil

An interesting new paper suggests that the Indonesian palm oil industry has made a significant dent in rural poverty. …my most conservative estimate suggests at least 1.3 million out of the approximately 10 million people lifted from poverty over the 2000s have escaped poverty due to growth in the oil palmsector. Poverty gaps significantly narrow, […]

Journalism has a presentation problem

One of the biggest issues with modern journalism is that framing is overvalued and understanding is undervalued. This is true not just in practice, but also in the way it is taught. Look at any journalism course in Australia and you’ll find that subject knowledge is discounted in favour of presentation skills. Internships and practical […]

The economy is everything

With Australia currently engaged in an abysmal debate over same sex marriage, it‘s refreshing to be reminded that morality often has a utilitarian history. For example, this recent paper suggests that norms around illegitimate children are based in economics. Based on data from the Austro-Hungarian Empire and modern Austria, we show that regions that focused […]


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