The importance of play

I’ve just started reading a mind at play, a biography of Claude Shannon. He’s the “father of information theory”, without which much of the modern world wouldn’t be. Shannon reminds me of stories about Richard Feynman. Bursting with curiosity, yes, but also sparked with joy at tinkering with knowledge. I sometimes feel like this is […]

The old is new

One reason I love reading history is how often you find reflections of current worries. This isn’t necessarily good, obviously. Some things should have been left in the dust (notably gig-economy feudalism). But one thing it does offer is perspective I’ve just cracked open The Invention of News, for instance, and have immediately been slapped […]

Tab dump

Research, articles, podcasts and videos in no particular order. Magazine writers are cashing in on peak tv How data (and some breathtaking soccer) brought liverpool to the cusp of glory Lost to the ages The blind man making the world’s best glacial vodka I’m for sale Greg brooks found the world’s richest shipwreck off the […]


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